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There are a million different reasons why people sell their homes, but every seller has one thing in common: the desire to get as much money as possible from their existing residence as quickly and as hassle-free as possible.

With our extensive knowledge of the local market and access to important sales data and information, we can create a listing for your home that will garner the best possible results. Our expertise is especially beneficial when you are dealing with buyers who are being represented by their own real estate agent. We will do our best to help you negotiate a desirable and fair listing price for your property.

Before you begin the selling process, really evaluate why you're moving. Do you have too few rooms, or too many? Has your job moved to another city and you're relocating? Are the neighbours driving you away? Or are you simply looking for a change? A complete analysis of your current position will set a good foundation for your next home hunt.

We are a client-focused team dedicated to your real estate success. Give us a call today to speak directly with one of our sales representatives or to request a showing.

Tips for Selling

Tip #1:

Clean, Clean, Clean

Having a spotless home will allow the Buyer to focus on the features of your property, not the dust bunnies floating around the foyer.

Tip #2:

Declutter and Depersonalize

A Buyer needs to be able to picture themselves living in the space. Too much furniture in a room or photos all over the walls can overwhelm them, make the home feel smaller, and take away from them picturing themselves living there.

Tip #3:

Research Is Key

Pricing your home strategically is key to a successful experience, we want you to sell your home quickly for the most amount of money.

Tip #4:

Be Flexible and Accessible

It’s important to say ‘yes’ as much as possible. It’s important to remain flexible and allow Buyer’s access to your home during this process. If you are able to allow them through on short notice and  answer questions they have, it goes along way in making them comfortable with writing an offer on your property.

Tip #5:

Curb Appeal

This is the first impression. If your property looks rough on the outside, Buyer’s are going to assume it’s rough on the inside. It’s important to clean up debris, plant or take care of flowers, shovel the driveway; basically make their walk to your front door as welcoming as possible.

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